Catholicism 101

This year, Pope Benedict XVI declared a Year of Faith in the Catholic church, calling all Catholics to reconnect and delve deeper into our faith. I’ve been a convert for about a year and a half now, so there’s still a lot for me to learn about our faith. I’m also a former education major, and one things I learned that has stuck in my head is that ABC’s are the building blocks of language. If that’s true, then what are the Catholic ABCs? What are the building blocks of our faith?

I made a list of what I think are some of the more important parts of our faith (with help from #Cathsorority!), and plan on posting a blog post about each topic every Sunday for the Year of Faith. I hope that these posts will help you, my readers, if you are Catholic to grow in our Catholic faith, or if you’re not Catholic, to answer some questions you may have about why we do certain things, or what the big deal is about others. Some of my wonderful CS sisters are helping out with this huge project, so be on the lookout for guest posts from them on some topics.

With no further ado, the list of topics!

AAdvent, Adoration, Angels, Anointing of the sick, Ash Wednesday

B — Baptism, Blessings

C — Cross, Confession, Catechism, Confirmation

D — Divine Mercy

E — Eucharist

F — First Fridays/First Saturdays

G — Godparents

H — Holy orders, Holy Spirit

I — Immaculate Conception, Indulgences

J — Jesus

K — Knights of Columbus

L — Latin, Lent, Liturgy of the Hours

M — Mass, Mary, Music

N — Nuns

O — Oils

P — Pope, Priests

Q — Questioning

R — Rosary, RCIA/RCIC

S — Saints, Sign of the Cross

T — Transubstantiation

U — Unction

V — Vatican, Vestments

W — Water

X — eXamination of Conscience

Y — You, YouCat

Z — Zeal


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