Behind the Wings

Welcome behind the wings! This page is meant to be a way for you to learn a little more about who I am, about my crazy life, and about the cast of characters I’ve roped into the journey with me.

The winged one

I’m Zanne, short for Suzanne. I’m 25, and live in the South. I was raised So. Baptist, but something inside yearned for more. Thanks to my BFF Kort, I became interested in the Catholic church (after trying lots of other options) in the spring of 2009. I started RCIA classes in September 2010 and was baptized into the Church on April 23, 2011. I tweet at @thatphotogirl06

The blog itself is a way to chronicle not only my conversion to the Catholic faith and my journey afterwards, but also my life in general, including dealing with my ADD and depression, and the misadventures of my life after college. There will be the funny posts, but also the sentimental and the tearful at times. I stumble and I fall (well, more like faceplant) at times, and I pull no punches about it.

Random Facts:

— I live and deal with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and hypothyroidism daily. I also struggle with being a little over 100 lbs overweight and the assorted issues with that.

— I graduated college in May 2010 in elem. ed. I’m pretty much waiting for a job, or thinking about going back for an associate’s in a different field. I work retail right now, and I’m happy with it, but I don’t want to do retail for the rest of my life. I can’t state which store I work at, but it’s one of the big box retailers known for ‘Always Low Prices’ 😉

— I’m a photography nut, and I’m always snapping pictures. Don’t be surprised to have photo posts pop up every so often. I also make (and will soon start selling) rosaries, jewelry, and hairbows. Keep an eye out for my Etsy shop, Faith Like A Child!

Other Characters

Kort — Kort is my best friend, and sister from another mister. We met at college, in meteorology class, where she would poke me to keep me awake. We became fast friends, rode out hurricanes and finals together, and I roped her into the crazy journey. We graduated college together, started RCIA together, and were both baptized and confirmed together. We even share the same sponsor/godmother. (We didn’t want to make her choose between us lol!)

Sara (and the Bean) — I met Sara at work, when I sat at the table next to this heavily pregnant and cranky lady, and offered her my last cookie to cheer her up. We became friends and I consider Sara like another sister, and her daughter who I call Bean to be my honorary niece. Sara happily joined in the crazy journey and is teaching me how to cook, and Bean is plotting her eventual takeover of the world. 😉

Mama C — ‘Mama C’, as I’ve started calling her, is Kort’s and my sponsor/godmother. I met her at the college, where she worked in the business office. She became a source of help and a confidant for me, especially through the darker moments of college. When Kort and I were starting to consider converting, there was no doubt who we wanted for our sponsor. The only question was could she sponsor both of us. Our priest said yes, and she became our sponsor, but we prefer to think of her as our godmother. She is a wonderful Catholic woman, and has been a really awesome guide and inspiration to me as I learn to fly in life. She’s also routinely told me that if I was her real daughter she’d have had me over her knee numerous times by now. She then adds that I’m as good as her daughter though.

Gram and Pop — Gram and Pop are the grandparents of another friend of mine. When Kort and I met them, neither of us had had very good relationships with our grandparents, so Gram and Pop pretty much adopted us as surrogate granddaughters as well. Even though our friend and us are going through a rough patch, Gram and Pop still care about us and check on us, making sure we’re okay. If we have any Catholic questions, we tend to ask Gram first. She’s the ‘Gram Superior’ for our baby Catholic selves.


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