What’s #Cathsorority? Only the coolest sorority around! 🙂

Seriously, we are a group of ladies that come from all different walks of life that blog about our daily lives and living out our Catholic faith. Some of us are cradle Catholics, raised in the faith. Others are converts (or future converts!)  to Catholicism, taking our first steps on the Catholic path. Some are single, some are newlyweds, or new moms, and some are considering or have embraced religious life. Some are students, some are employees, some are stay-at-home moms, and still others are searching. We’re spread from coast to coast, and as different as snowflakes. Yet we’ve bonded in our search and pursuit of Jesus and His wonderful mercy. We talk, laugh, joke, advise, discuss, and pray with each other. We share the good times and the not-so-good times, and help each other through the crazy lives God has blessed each of us with!

We link up using the hashtag #cathsorority on Twitter. If you’re a young Catholic woman, or seeking to convert, we invite you to join in and chat with us, or contact us through our blogs. We love adding new members!


Roll Call!

And Then There Were…..More

And Twins Make Four

A Dillightful Adventure

A Beaten Copper Lamp of Deplorable Design

All my eyes want to see is a glimpse of You…

Caffeinated Catholic Mama

Captive the Heart

Catholic and Crunchy

Catholic CoffeeTalk

Catholic Cookie Jar

Catholic Newlywed

Confessions of an Underground Catholic


Contranaut Girl

Coppertop Kitchen

Crystal the Catholic Trekker

Day in the Life

Discovering Discernment

Endless Strength

For Love of Cupcakes

Fumbling Toward Grace

Heart Shaped Stone

Imperfect Kate

Journey in Faith

Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer

Journey to Catholicism

Knowledge Hungry

Leave it to Lynsey

Life Happens When

Many Miracles


NFP and Me

Not a Minx, Moron, or Parasite


On Earth, As It Is

Real Catholic Love and Sex: More than Just Missionary

S’aint Easy

Secret Vatican Spy

Skip the Drama, Stay with Momma

Startling the Day

Sunshine Daisies Butter Mellow

Tales from Astoria

The Adventurous Catholic

The Alluring World

The Catholic Couponer

The Catholic Lovebirds

The Corner with a View

The Greatest of These is Love

The Nerdy Wife

The Perky Pilgrim

The Spark and the Flame

The Spiritual Workout

The Tentative Housewife

Thoughts of a Future Nun

Wonderful World of Weez

If there are more out there that I’m not aware of that are part of the Catholic Sorority, give me a holler so I can add to the list! And CathSorority members, if your links change, or I’ve got something wrong, tell me so I can fix it!


4 thoughts on “#CathSorority

  1. Beth Anne says:

    I think Thenerdywife.com has a more updated list. We have also started a facebook we literally started it yesterday. Let me know if you need an invite to it.

  2. I knew I forgot to add someone lol. I’ll add her, and go see who else I’m missing from her list.

    We have a facebook? Seriously? An invite would be awesome! Just let me know what you need to know to make it possible.

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